Lip and Tape Bags

Lap and Tape Bags

Lip and Tape

Resealable and Permanent tape of a convenient way to provide closure to a polybag. Bags are made with a 1”to 1-1/2” lip that extends beyond the opening of the bag. A peel and stick tape is applied to the lip of the bag for closure. Peeling back release liner allows the lip to be folded over and sealed to the body of the bag.

Resealable Tape Style

Reclosable TapeTypical use for product packaging where you need to open and close the package a few times. A red liner made from polypropylene pulls away exposing the adhesive tape for application. Often used for Parts bags, Manuals, pharmaceutical, clothing, handbags, sample give away and confectionary products.

  • Easy to use, no sealer required
  • Can be printed with a suffocation warning at low minimum runs
  • Reusable design allows for corrections before shipping

Permanent Tape Style

Permanent TapeMost often used with mailer bags or tamper evident bags. This is for single use only, pulling of the lip will not allow the bag to open without destroying the package, the bag cannot reclose. Bags can be produced in clear, opaque or a coextruded white/gray or white/black color.

  • Strong and durable material for shipping
  • Tamper evident one time use
  • Postal approved grades available for shipping USPS