Packaging Films

Packaging FilmsWe provide many types of polyethylene films used in today’s modern packaging. If your looking for cost effective Mono-Layer for automated filling machines or poly film with barrier properties made by co-extrusion we can provide you with quality film.

With a wide variety of substrates available finding the right blend of film can be difficult. We can custom blend resins to fit your need and make your packaging machinery run smoothly.

Film Extruder

Examples of resins and additives:

  • LDPE
  • MMPE
  • HD
  • Propylene
  • 3layer Co-Extruded


  • EVA
  • Slips
  • Anti-blocks
  • Anti-Static
  • Film Colors
  • Film Tints

    Skid Film
    Product ion Runs as little as 500lbs available on most sizes and materials. Large quantities runs at competitive pricing with our high speed blown film machinery. Inventory, blanket orders with release dates are possible with larger run orders.